Pedro Pascal, “can’t see the sh*t” in his Mandalorian outfit


Pedro Patel is not a fan of his Mandalorian costume. He says it makes him feel blind every time he wears it.

The Star War10 franchise was a huge hit when it launched on Disney+. It marked the debut of the first live-action television series. The series has been praised for its storytelling, visual effects, and costumes since its debut in 2019. “It’s ironic that you can’t see any facial expression because it puts you in the world so completely and instantly makes the character feel real – but you can’t see shit!” “It’s ironic you can’t even see any facial expressions because it puts your character in the world so fully and instantly makes him feel real – but you can only see shit!”

While costume designers have attempted to improve the outfit, Pedro Pascal feels like he is one step away from becoming the face of an entire galaxy. “They have continued to refine and make it more comfortable but it’s like going blind… Your breath completely fogs up any narrow slits that you can see through. There is no peripheral vision. There’s no peripheral vision. Anthony Daniels has discussed his problems with the C-3PO costume in the Star Wars

10 universe, while Daniel Craig expressed his disgust for his Stormtrooper attire, which was only for a brief appearance! Superhero outfits are also problematic. Andrew Garfield, Jennifer Lawrence, and others have been open about their reservations. George Clooney has repeatedly slammed the Bat-nipple suit. But hey, at least that went on the auction block for a cool $40k.Pedro Pascal will return for season three of

The Mandalorian, which arrives on Disney+ on March 1st

.What do you think of Pedro Pascal’s comments on his Mandalorian costume? Is it a standout in the Star War

universe or does it blend in? Let us know below!

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