New book reveals being oneself at work can potentially harm well-being, performance, and career trajectory


“Work Identity – A Neurophilosophical Perspective” is captivating new research in Industrial and Organisational Psychology.

DENMARK, October 28, 2023 / — Professor Billy Adamsen is proud to announce the upcoming publication of his book, Work Identity – A Neurophilosophical Perspective. Delving deep into pivotal research, this book illuminates the profound connection between one’s work identity and their overall well-being in the workplace.

At its very core, the significant highlights of Professor Adamsen’s work reveal the positive impact of a robust work identity on employees’ well-being. Conversely, individuals who prioritize their personal identity in a work setting often grapple with elevated levels of work-related stress and burnout. Through detailed research, the book offers a critical revelation: emphasizing one’s personal identity or “being yourself” at work can potentially harm one’s well-being, performance, and career trajectory.

In Work Identity – A Neurophilosophical Perspective, readers are presented with an interdisciplinary fusion of psychology, neurology, philosophy, sociology, real-life case studies, and a meticulous critique of prevalent tools and methodologies used for assessing work identity. One of the standout features of this book is its introduction to the pioneering ‘Work Identity Pro,’ an exclusive test designed to measure work identity.

As noted by Adamsen, who is also the Associate Professor and Head of Talent Lab at Zealand Academy of Technology & Business, “a concerning 80% of today’s employees find themselves disengaged from their work, with 44% experiencing work-related stress. This book seeks to understand the root causes behind these alarming statistics.”

Daphne Halkias, Professor and Distinguished Research Fellow at Ecole des Ponts Paris Tech Business School, applauds the book, saying, “This volume offers a unique blend of diverse disciplines. Much like Adamsen’s earlier contributions, this work is poised to become a benchmark in the coming years.”

Eager readers can anticipate the book’s hardcover release in November 2023, but is already available to order in e-book format on SpringerLink.

Journalists interested in arranging an interview with Professor Adamsen about his profound research can contact him at [email protected].

About the Author

Billy Adamsen is Associate Professor and Head of Talent Lab at Zealand Academy of Technology & Business, Denmark. He has published on a variety of subjects including management, talent management, work identity and work-related stress, cognition & organization, the psychology of language and political management. In addition to his academic experience, he has worked as a certified stress and work identity coach and as manager and director in national and international companies, as well as having been special advisor for the Danish Prime Minister and Minister for Economics & Business Affairs.

Professor Billy Adamsen
Author of Work Identity – A Neurophilosophical Perspective
[email protected]
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