Marvel sells Scott Lang book


Marvel will publish the fictional Scott Lang memoir, “Look Out for the Little Guy”, as a physical book later in the year.

Marvel is promoting AntMan and the Wasp Quantumania10 through a fictional Scott Lang book. Paul Rudd, in a promo for Scott Lang’s book, presents it as only Paul Rudd can.

“Scott is many things: a former convict and a father…But he’s also an author best-seller! And now you can purchase my-his-very real book…That’s right, this once-movie prop is now an actual real-life book…How’s that for meta?”In the Scott Lang book, which Rudd is quite certain he didn’t sit down and write, readers get answers to,

“Who is he? What is his appearance like? He looks so much like ,”[Rudd] Rudd said. It’s not clear if it will make a good purchase. Well, Rudd insists that it will-no, might-change your life.Additional promo for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania probably isn’t needed, as it’s tracking to top $100 million on opening weekend, but it’s a neat tie-in that will surely be a hot seller for MCU fans. Add to that that the Scott Lang book won’t even be released until

September 5th-seven months after Quantumania hits theaters-which shows Marvel is more looking to just have fun with the character. As per Marvel, “As the movie opens, Scott is currently on a book tour for ‘Look Out for The Little Guy’, doing readings at bookshops and smiling for the camera…In close association with Marvel Studios and the filmmakers, Hyperion Avenue is bringing the book seen in the movie to real life, with Scott Lang’s bracingly honest account of his struggles and triumphs, including the official account of what really happened between The Avengers and Thanos.” The book is up for pre-order now.Scott Lang’s book, of course, isn’t the first fictional one to be turned into an actual book. The wisdom of Barney Stinson’s book “The Bro Code” (

How to Met Your Mother) as well as Roger Sterling’s book “Sterling’s Gold (Mad men) have been a welcome stocking stuffer. Now, if we can just get Thanos’ children’s book on shelves…What do you think of Marvel’s Scott Lang book? Do you think this book would be a good addition to your bookshelf. Let us know below!

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