Jerry Bruckheimer believes Top Gun: Maverick is a united moviegoer


Producer Jerry Bruckheimer believes that Top Gun: Maverick’s huge success gave moviegoers from both sides of the aisle something they could cheer for.

Jerry Bruckheimer stated that Top Gun : Maverick was the first movie for an older audience.

Top Gun : Maverick was the first movie that had the ability to appeal to an international audience and still be available on VOD. It set a new streaming record. It shows that you can watch good entertainment in a theater, then go home and purchase it. The DVD sales were phenomenal. It’s hard to believe how many people saw the movie more than once. Maverick captured the zeitgeist of the world. It’s not a red state or a blue state. It brought together everyone in the world.”The idea of unification may seem a stretch, but the box-office numbers of Top gun: Maverick

is not exaggerated. It has made nearly $1.5 billion worldwide to date, further cementing Bruckheimer’s position as one of the most successful producers. Other than Top gun: Maverick Jerry Bruckheimer’s roles in Pirates in the Caribbean10 franchise, Bad Boy10 movies, and many more, put him in the same league as Marvel’s Kevin Feige or Star Wars10′ Kathleen Kennedy. Bruckheimer recently spoke about a potential sixth entry in the Pirates series, saying, “I think we’re getting very close on that one, too. We have a very solid script. We developed two of them…” Bruckheimer is also interested in another Bad Boys movie, even encouraging the return of Will Smith.Summing up Top Gun: Maverick

, Jerry Bruckheimer praised movies as both entertainment and a collaborative craft. “You forget everything and feel great when your walk out. That’s what we do. We demonstrated the world how Hollywood can be when actors, writers, and technicians do it right.”How did Jerry Bruckheimer react to Top gun: Maverick

10? Did it “unify” different groups of moviegoers or was it just a ploy to make them all feel more connected? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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