Is the You People a kisser of CGI?


You People actor Andrew Schulz is claiming that a kiss between Jonah Hill and Lauren London is completely CGI.

Netflix’s You People hasn’t garnered the strongest reviews overall, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t discussion going on surrounding the rom-com. The focus of the conversation surrounds a kiss between stars Jonah Hill and Lauren London…or should we say alleged kiss, as You People appears to have digitally manipulated it to only make it appear that Hill and London smooched.

According to You People supporter Andrew Schulz, the kiss between Hill and London at the end of the movie wasn’t real at all, but computer-generated. ” The final scene, they don’t even kiss. It’s CGI! It’s CGI! “And I’m like…I wonder how they’re gonna play that in movie…They’re probably just going to cut right there.” But…you can see their faces close up and then you can see transform a little into fake kisses.”You may also watch the interview with Schulz below:While there has not been any major drama in the making of


10, such as Jonah Hill and Lauren London arguing enough to not touch their lips, the CGI makes it seem like London is now part of Hill. Perhaps the filmmakers wanted to show that they had become one during their wedding ceremony. OK, probably not…That the kiss is partly obscured by falling petals also lends to its artificiality.Our own Alex Maidy gave You People

a 7/10, saying the “chemistry between Hill and London is easy-going, and you absolutely buy the pair as a couple. Their scenes are some of the most adorable in the movie. Alex Maidy gave YouPeople a 7/10. She said that the fake kiss in YouPeople was too convincing.

Official plot synopsis: “When a rideshare company in LA brings Ezra Cohen and Amira Mohammed together, they find themselves connected by a shared love for streetwear and music. As they fall in love, their relationship is tested by their respective families: Ezra’s progressive and semi-woke parents (Julia Louis-Dreyfus and David Duchovny) and Amira’s unyielding yet concerned parents (Eddie Murphy and Nia Long) who inject themselves into their lives mercilessly.”What do you think of th

e You People kiss being completely CGI? What did you think about the movie? Let us know in the comments section below!

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