I’m a Virgo trailer – A new series by Boots Riley tells the fantastical story of a 13-foot tall man


Sorry to Bother You director Boots Riley returns with I’m a Virgo trailer, a fantastical series which tells the tale of a 13 foot tall man.

Sorry to Bother You writer/director Boots Riley is back with another absurdist, fantastical story. Prime Video released a teaser trailer of I’m a Virgo which will be shown at the SXSW Film & Television Festival. The series stars Jharrel Jerome (When They See Us) as Cootie, a man from Oakland who just happens to be 13-feet-tall.

In addition to Jharrel Jerome, I’m a Virgo also stars Brett Gray (On my Block), Kara Young (The Punisher), Allius Barnes (Cruel Summer), Olivia Washington (Breaking), Mike Epps (The Upshaws), Carmen Ejogo (True Detective), and Walton Goggins (The Hateful Eight). “You know, you a big mother-f***er,” Mike Epps’ character says in the teaser. “All of the wear and tear you’re putting on this house, I don’t mean just leaning against the walls, you’re putting holes in it. And I gotta fix this shit myself, because I don’t want anyone to see your big ass.” Boots Riley created, wrote, directed, and executive produced the series, which will consist of seven episodes.

I am a Virgo is a fantastical coming of age joyride about Cootie. He is a young Black man who stands 13 feet tall in Oakland, California.10″ reads an official synopsis. “His adoptive parents kept Cootie from an hostile world. They never allowed him to leave their home. Cootie experiences the beauty and contradictions of modern society for the first time when he finally ventures out. The series is a mythic examination of what happens when the oppressed finally rise up – and asks why we are so often asked to identify with the oppressors in our stories, rather than the true heroes we often overlook.

While speaking with Collider, Boots Riley described the series. “It’s an absurdist and fantastical ride with 13-foot-tall Black men who live in Oakland California,,” Riley said. “It’s I am a Virgo. This is what he values about himself. It’s hard to believe that you see a huge Black man walking down the street. But that’s not what matters to him. Jharrel Jerome does an amazing job, and people are going to be looking at him with different eyes after this one.

I’m a Virgo doesn’t have an official release date yet, with the teaser trailer only saying that it will be coming soon.

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