Hugh Hudson, director of Chariots of Fire & Greystoke, has died at 86


Chariots of fire and Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan director Hugh Hudson, Oscar-nominated British filmmaker, has died. Hudson, a British filmmaker who was well-known for his documentary and advertising work has died. He shot

Chariots of Fire10, which was a film that is one of the most acclaimed in British history and was the Best Picture winner at 1981 Oscars ceremony. Hudson was 86 when he passed away on Friday at Charing Cross hospital in London after a brief illness.Hudson directed seven films throughout his career, including

Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes (1984), Revolution, Lost Angels, and more. Hailed as a maker of lasting cinema, Hudson’s Revolution, starring Al Pacino, was a box office bomb, earning roughly $350,000 against a reported $29 million budget. Hudson was influenced by the backlash and forced Pacino to leave the acting world after four years. Hudson started his career as a second-unit director at Alan Parker’s film production company, Revolution

. Puttnam was impressed with Hudson’s attention to detail and wanted him to be a part of Chariots Of Fire. Hudson was passionate about the project. It revolved around two British sprinters competing in the 1924 Summer Olympics in Paris. The famous Vangelis song that accompany the famous scene of competitors running down the waterfront is probably familiar to anyone who hasn’t seen the film. Hudson stated that the track was anachronistic and appropriate to the period. Chariots of Fire sprinted to more than $60 million off a $5.5 million budget, making the drama Britain’s highest-grossing film that year. on August 25, 1936, Hudson attended a boarding school before enrolling at Eton College. Before he got behind the camera, he joined the Dragoon Guards. While working as a Paris documentary editor, he started in the casting section of a London ad agency. He later teamed up with David Cammell in order to start a documentary film company. Cammell Hudson Brownjohn Associates was founded by Robert Brownjohn, an American graphic designer. The team developed several commercials and even created the title sequence for Goldfinger

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Hudson eventually dabbled in short films, shooting projects like A… Is for Apple, and a silent movie for the Pirelli tire company titled

The Tortoise and the Hare. Hudson joined Ridley Scott Associates in the early 1970s, shooting a series of notable commercials before forming Hudson Film.Sadly, Revolution was a mess. Before Pacino lost his narration, the film went through many setbacks. Then Pacino rushed the film into theaters. This experience made Hudson and Pacino feel disillusioned with studio filmmaking over the years. Hudson returned to filmmaking in 1989 with

Lost Angels starring Donald Sutherland, Beastie Boy Adam Horowitz and Hudson’s first feature film, Lost Angels. The film focuses on a troubled youth from a split Los Angeles family who was sent to a private psychiatric hospital after a violent scrape with the police.Lost Angels

reinvigorated Hudson, who went to work on such projects as My Life So Far (1997), I Dreamed of Africa (2000), and Finding Altamira (2016), each meeting with varying degrees of success.Despite his short list of feature films, Hudson’s body of work is extensive, with the filmmaker dipping his toe into varying forms of entertainment. Today we have lost a Jack-of-Many Trades. We wish the best for Mr. Hudson and his family as they recover from this tragic loss. Rest in peace, sir.


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