HeartWork Organizing Maps Out Practical New Year Organizing Changes for Anyone


Organize the fridge. It’s a small project with a big payoff for health and home.

Three quick New Year organizing tasks to make changes stick

A clever hack, a household shortcut or even a mistake can lead to lifestyle progress. ”

— Darla DeMorrow, Professional Organizer

WAYNE, PA, UNITED STATES, December 29, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — For a swift New Year’s resolution victory, opt for New Year organizing changes that are more satisfying but less ambitious than past efforts. Habit changes are hard, but these three tasks are easy wins.

The New Year doesn’t have to be about drastic habit changes to be impactful. A quick home refresh can feel great, too.

Darla DeMorrow, Certified Professional Organizer and author from HeartWork Organizing, says, “A clever hack, a household shortcut or even a mistake can lead to lifestyle progress.  Just like the invention of champagne was considered a happy accident, a New Year transformation can be a bit fun and lighter than it’s been in the past.”

Here are three quick New Year organizing tips for anyone.

New Year Organizing Tips Anyone Can Do

1. Organize the fridge. It’s a small project with a big payoff for health and home. Clean the fridge just before weekly shopping, when there’s the least amount in there. Regular fridge cleaning helps to eliminate unpleasant odors and preserves the freshness of ingredients. An organized fridge makes meal preparation more efficient because items are easily located. An organized fridge reduces food waste and saves both time and money.

2. Arrange clothes in rainbow order-ROYGBIV-just once. ROYGBIV is the acronym for the order colors appear in a rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. It’s not necessary to keep it up all year but arranging clothes this way gives a new perspective. Going through closets with a goal to organize by color, instead of trying to throw things out, makes it a kinder, gentler process. Even so, with this approach, most people rediscover clothes they haven’t seen in a while and create fresh new outfit combinations.

3. Create an “aging out” box to help declutter. If getting rid of things feels hard, try this hack to make parting with things easier. Fill a box with things that feel like clutter, seal it, and set it aside for a year. Those Spanish books that have never been opened? That ugly gift from a MIL? That pile of papers from college in the back of the closet? All that unworn costume jewelry? Instead of trashing them or painfully wading through them today, put them in a box and label in big letters “EXPIRES ON 1/1/2025; TO DONATE.”  Store the box out of the way. Such an easy decision takes than fifteen minutes, but it is painless now and helps move things out of the way for a fresh start now. Next year, when that expiration date rolls around, tossing or donating unused items will be a completely painless New Year organizing win.

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