Heart of Stone dominates Netflix as Hidden Strike fades


The global Netflix charts are now dominated by Gal Gadot’s thriller

Heart of Stone

, which is a spy thriller starring John Cena and Jackie Chan. Hidden Strike, while still ranking number two on the international charts, fell out of the top ten on the U.S. chart. This is strange, considering how well the film did last week. (Read our review of this underwhelming movie here). This is a promising start, but it still falls behind two of Netflix’s recent action flicks: Extraction, which had 88.4 hours watched in its first week and The Mom which had 83.7 hours. Netflix’s most popular film of the year is the Jennifer Lopez-starring film. It currently sits at number seven on the chart for their All-Time Most Popular Films. No other 2023 movie has managed to duplicate that feat, including the much-hyped Extraction 2

.Meanwhile, on the T.V. side, Peter Berg’s opioid limited series Painkiller has proven to be a hit, with it topping the charts despite its grim subject matter. The series, based on the Sacklers’ development of OxyContin garnered 7.2 million views. This is pretty good for a show that’s so heavy. It looks like the Uzo, Taylor Kitsch and Matthew Broderick series will be a hit. It’s hoped that the success of this limited series will encourage Netflix to produce more. It seems that Netflix’s They Cloned Tyrone didn’t make much of an impact on the charts. It fell out of both the global and U.S. Top 10 this week. Perhaps it was too off-kilter for the mainstream Netflix audience but good on them for taking a chance on riskier material.Did you watch Heart of Stone or

Painkiller this weekend? Comment below and let us know what you thought!

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