Four international producers are selected for the Port of Production residency program


Source: Courtesy of Smarthouse Studio

Number Eighteen

Four innovative rising producers from Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands and Canada have been selected for the inaugural ‘Port of Production’ residency programme.

They are: Danielle Guirguis of the Netherlands’ Smart House Creative Impact Studio, whose Number Eighteen is playing in the Tiger Competition at this year’s Rotterdam festival; Mette Mikkelsen of Denmakr’s New Tales,Patricia Bergeron of Canada’s Production Leitmotiv; and Fabian Driehorst of Germany’s Fabien&Fred/

The programme has been created and backed by Hamburg’s regional film fund MOIN, the Danish Film Institute, National Film School of Denmark, the Netherlands Film Fund and SODEC Quebec.

The first residency will take place from March 5 in Copenhagen, followed by an optional visit to the CPH:Dox Documentary Film Festival.

Ukrainian director Philip Sotnychenko feels mixed about being at a film festival.

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