Emilio Estevez has said that there could be up to three more Young Guns films.


Emilio Estevez thinks there’s enough story in the legend of Brushy Bill to warrant upwards of three more Young Guns movies.

Young Guns II made the west wilder, but Emilio Estevez is ready to get even wilder and wilder and wilder, saying he envisions the future of Young Guns possibly expanding into three more movies-once disputes over the rights and intellectual property are cleared.

Speaking with UPROXX, Emilio Estevez said his spurs are all shined up should everything align. Emilio Estevez told UPROXX that his spurs are all polished up if everything aligns. Listen, I am ready to go. We have a great draft, and we’re ready to move forward if Morgan Creek can resolve some of their issues regarding the continuation of the franchise. It’s just a matter of when.” Then he added, “Of course, as I don’t get any younger, I think we will drop the word ‘young.’ We have already done this. Estevez may have a point. And while the genre doesn’t tend to fare all that well on the big screen, popularity and acclaim over shows like Yellowstone-backed by the older fanbase nostalgic over Young Guns-could push them to theatrical success.As far as what any future Young Guns

movies would center around, Emilio Estevez thinks Brushy Bill Roberts, the man who claimed to be Billy the Kid and lived his own stories life until the age of 71, is ripe for his own saga. “Brushy Bill Roberts fought alongside Pancho Vila in the Mexican Revolution. He was with Teddy Roosevelt during the Battle of San Juan Hill. Here’s someone who was born during the Gatling Gun era and died in the Atomic Age of 1950. Imagine what he’s seen in his lifetime! Estevez, however, is not so eager to reprise his role from Young Guns II . “We’ll give it to Martin who will play him.” It’s in limbo right now…I think they got into a rights situation…It’s not dead, but it’s just not happening right now.” “It’s in limbo right now…It was chugging along there for a minute, but then I think they got into a rights situation…It’s still alive, but it’s just not happening at the moment.” “It’s still in limbo…I think they got into some rights issues…It isn’t dead, but right now it’s just not happening.” What is your favourite scene from the films? Let us know in the comments section below!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIHqLyqv5zw

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