Elijah Wood attacks AMC Theaters for their announcement of seat-specific ticket pricing


The Lord of the Rings actor reflects on the movie theater community, feeling that AMC is kinda killing this type of character.

AMC Theaters currently faces a lot negative reactions after they join Netflix and Warner Bros. Discovery is part of the conglomerate brotherhood that makes questionable business decisions. Yesterday, the movie theater chain announced that they would be implementing a new ticket pricing system. Prices would vary depending on where you sit. Variety now reports that Lord of the Rings star, Elijah Wood has taken to his social media to call out the theater company.

The Yellowjacket star, posts on his Twitter, stating, “The movie theater is and always has been a sacred democratic space for all. AMC Theatres’ new initiative would essentially penalize those with lower incomes and reward those with higher incomes.” YouTube Movie Critic10 John Rocha adds his thoughts to the parade of reactions. “Look, this is classist shit. Screen X, 4DX and 3DX are all valid options. You’re getting the film in a different way. But this is not the right way. The Sightline Initiative will be implemented in three markets beginning Friday: New York, Chicago and Kansas City. The model has three pricing options: Standard Sightline (“seats most commonly found in auditoriums and are typically available for the traditional price of a ticket”) Value Sightline (“seats located in the front row of an auditorium as well as select ADA seats in each auditorium and are more expensive than standard sightline tickets”) and Preferred Sightline (seats in middle of the auditorium that are priced at a premium over standard sightline seat prices”) AMC also announced that members of their loyalty program, Stubs A List, Stubs A-List will be able to reserve the Preferred Sightline Section without any additional cost. AMC Stubs members are only eligible to receive Value Sightline pricing. This includes the free tier membership. These movie business companies seem to be shooting from the hip with business plans, despite more slip-ups. Netflix revealed a plan to eliminate “password sharing”, but they have since reversed that decision. Similarly, HBO has been canceling such hit shows as



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