Diego Luna on Season 2 of Star Wars: The challenges


Diego Luna on the challenges of Andor season 2 now that the first season has become so critically acclaimed.

I don’t think many of us were expecting Andor to be as fantastic as it was, but the acclaim for the first season of the Star Wars series was incredible. With production of Andor season 2 now underway, the cast and crew are facing the pressure of living up to the first season.

It’s nice to be loved, but Diego Luna told THR that the positive reception isn’t necessarily making them more confident while shooting the new season. Luna said, “What happened in season one comes with responsibility, and Tony Gillroy, the kind of writer who won’t allow us to just relax and enjoy,“, is the type of writer. “Tony Gillroy and his team are bringing it. I don’t think we are confident; I think we are just enjoying it in a way that we didn’t enjoy the first season. So I don’t think we are confident; I think we are just enjoying it in a way that we didn’t enjoy the first season.” Luna added that while the first season was shot during the worst times of the pandemic, the atmosphere on Andor season 2 is a little more relaxed, “So we are enjoying [it] in a different way.

RogueOne film. “I had a feeling this wouldn’t see the light until it did. ([of day]Laughs.) I kept saying, “This is too perfect.” Luna said. “The entire idea, I thought, ‘That is impossible.’ Through the whole process, our team did what we thought best. We never put anything else before the show. We took our time with the writing and got the best possible cast. Everything just kept getting better, but I always felt that something would go wrong. But it didn’t. We had the support and freedom of Disney. We had the confidence of Kathy behind the show.[film]”[Kennedy]Andor season 2 will be flashing forward and cover a lot more ground than the first season. Cassian committed himself to the Rebels at the end of the first season, but there is still a long road ahead of him. Luna explained, “

He wants to be part of the Rebellion but I’m unsure if he understands what that means,“. “He is basically saying, “I want to speak this language,” but now he must learn it. It’s going take longer. He’s the guy to trust for something like that mission.The second season of [in season two]Andor is expected to launch on Disney+ in

August 2024.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUHU6p9Ck18 He’s basically the guy to trust for something like that mission.

The second season of

Andor01001010 is expected to launch on Disney+ in 01001010August 202401001010.01001010https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUHU6p9Ck1801001010

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