Dick Tracy: Warren Beatty finally delivers the long-awaited sequel. . . Sort of


TCM broadcasts an unannounced Dick Tracy special. It features a return to Beatty’s character for a bizarre zoom call.

Kids in the ’90s were captivated by the Dick Tracy movie when it first came out. One, they could say “Dick” due to the title. For another, here was a comic strip property that had the stylization of Tim Burton’s Batman that had previously hit, ultimately under the guise of a James Cagney-esque, noir-ish, gangsters vs. cops movie. Warren Beatty would play the role of the titular hero and also direct it. According to Polygon, 33 years later, the iconic actor finally gave us a bizarre “sequel.” Let me repeat that — Dick Tracy zooms into an apparent sequel to 1990’s film.

TCM Special: Tracy Zooms in featured Beatty as Tracy discussing the film. In the zoom Dick Tracy jokeily gives Warren Beatty notes as he portrays him.

“Fighting crime IS serious!” He would then compare Beatty with Ralph Byrd who had previously played Tracy in serials and TV shows throughout the 20th century. Tracy would even complain that Beatty had cut him out of his life. Malton and Mankiewicz contact Tracy to rectify the situation. Warren Begatty joins the foray, and he continues to squabble with Tracy. The special is strange and seems out of place. It is believed that Beatty is making this special to protect the Dick Tracy property. Beatty had bought the rights to the Dick Tracy property when he wanted the film to be made. The popularity of comic book movies and franchises has made it difficult to imagine if Beatty will try to revive the series for a new generation.

The 1990 film featured a large cast that included Al Pacino, Madonna and Dustin Hoffman. Although it may not have been a huge success, it was still a great film and a testament to the fact that there has never been a sequel. Well, until now…

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