David Spade refused to switch with David Bowie in an SNL sketch


It takes a certain amount of guts to refuse a request by the Starman. When you’re a Saturday Night Live performer, you must be a bit of a caregiver with your characters. They can make or break you. When celebrities appear on the show as guests or hosts, they often play themselves. Or, they are accompanied by a cast member who is able to impersonate that celebrity. Former

Saturday night Live

actors Dana Carvey, David Spade, and others host a podcast called Fly On The Wall that interviews comedic actors associated with the NBC program. Many episodes include exclusive behind-the scenes stories from the people who created the show. According to The Hollywood Reporter in a recent show, Spade revealed that he once refused David Bowie’s offer to swap places with him in an episode. Spade played a snooty, acerbic receptionist who

“stops you because they think they’re better than them.”Spade had a plan for Bowie to make a cameo in the sketch as himself. However, Bowie had a different idea. Spade continued, “I called him, and he answered and it was f*cking Bowie.” Then he said, “And he was like, ‘This is so fucking hilarious.'” Bowie said that playing himself

was “kind of boring”. Since everyone has seen that, the twist was that Spade would not play his own character. Spade wanted to keep the character’s portrayal consistent, and he did not want to interrupt it. Bowie was persistent, and replied [sketch] “Well, what if it never gets on ?” Spade responded “I’m like ‘God how do you know the show this well? It’s so accurate.'” What if the sketch doesn’t air? I’m fucking wasting it. He was like, “It’ll work if I do this.'” Bowie was right. The sketch did not air and Spade’s role in the episode would be cut out entirely. “The rest of the week I wasn’t in the show and I was like, ‘F*ck.'”


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