Cysmic, a disaster movie turned into a board game! ?


If you’re reading this, you’re probably an avid movie fan! You’re also probably a JoBlo fan! Jason Blake is my name, but I also go by Jason Dean. If you’ve been here for a long time, you may have seen articles, YouTube videos, and heard me in JoBlo material. You’ve probably seen or heard me in the past as I’ve covered Cosplay, celebrity interviews, and other opportunities. My love of movies is a constant in my life. My love of Roland Emmerich films has inspired my latest side project.

I was looking to create an interactive disaster film that people could experience together. My love of disaster movies and my love of tabletop board games ended up meshing together into my latest creation,


.If board games aren’t for you, then by all means click away to the movie content that JoBlo is known for. If you enjoy board games and disaster movies, you may want to stay. I wanted to create the best components and gameplay and create memories and experiences with friends in a disaster film-style setting. After all this time, i have finally finished the work. But I can’t do it alone. It is prohibitive to pay for something like this upfront. I decided to turn to crowdfunding, and specifically Kickstarter. I know you’re thinking it, because I did too. Berge, the owner of JoBlo, allowed me to share my game with his audience because we both share an entrepreneurial spirit. But more importantly, it could be of interest to many of the readers who are board gamers and movie lovers. If you’re still with me, allow me to tell you about it, and then you can decide for yourself if this is something you would be interested in.


is a dynamic sci-fi tactical objective game for 2-6 players set on the dying planet of Kepler-62e featuring a wrapping dual-layered game board and nearly 200 miniatures! As the leader of a faction that is desperately trying to survive, your task is to build a colony vessel and be the first one to launch your people into safety. There’s only one problem. Each faction holds a module blueprint crucial for your survival!

This is a game about destruction, aggression, and earth-shattering pandemonium. While a good plan and a focused strategy can help you reach your goal quickly, planning for the long term is thrown out the window when the earth splits.

Fracture event leave a trail of destruction, and as time passes, more and more surface will crumble. Luck plays a major role in dice-based combat and fracture events. In the end, it all comes down to one deciding factor–your ability to adapt, overcome, and embrace the chaos.

Cysmic actually has a lot of lore and universe-building behind it. Let me explain the story leading into the game.

“Earth’s world council selected several leaders in various fields to lead an odyssey to Kepler-62e for terraforming and civilization planning. Some of the members had their funding provided by the World Council, while others were self-funded to gain influence or presence on the new world. The mission included industry experts, religious leaders and entertainers, as well as scholars, businessmen, politicians and entrepreneurs. The project was a success… initially. The different groups of individuals lived and worked together in a familiar society, with all the growing pains and benefits that come along with a newly formed civilisation. Even though there were some issues with corruption and infighting, they never threatened the delicate equilibrium of this new world. As the project progressed, an unexpected instability occurred in the terraforming. This caused havoc to the landscape. It was quickly revealed that their efforts to terraform the planet and create a better one had destabilized it. When the colonists realized that there was no way to save their dream of creating a new civilization, chaos broke loose among the hundreds of thousand people who turned to their leaders for salvation. Those in leadership roles… either voted in by public opinion, volunteered at will, ascended through capitalism, or ordained by faith… now rise to the occasion as wartime leaders.

Massive Terraformers that once bent the landscape to their will have now been taken over by powerful organizations and converted into colony ship construction and launch platforms. These rival factions are competing for information and resources on the dying planet in their last hope of escaping off-world with the original Colony Ship plan that brought them here to begin with. Each faction has a part of the colony ship module plans but must get the rest to complete their build. Instead of working together they now fight for information and resources. Workers and civilians have been trained in combat quickly to protect individual faction bases while performing their regular duties. Soldiers are given the task of capturing enemies in order to obtain blueprints for building colony ships modules. The massive energy of a single colony launch will likely be the end for all others. Which faction will gain the resources necessary to escape first?


If the new world war doesn’t destroy this utopia, the planet itself surely would…”Cysmic

has been highly thematic from the beginning and plays out like a big disaster movie in a game. It creates experiences and memories for the player unlike anything else. Check this out! Check this out!


This project has been a labor of love for over half a decade and I am just now able to introduce it to the world. I’m asking you to visit the Kickstarter page and watch the videos below if you find anything here interesting. Please help me bring this project to life. I can’t make this game without the help of others.


Thanks to Berge and the JoBlo Movie Network team over the last 10 years for making me feel like part of the family and for allowing me this platform to tell you all about my project. Who knows, maybe in the future we will be covering the






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