Cocaine Bear gets bloody, coked-up Funko treatment


Funko has revealed Pop!

Funko has unveiled Pop! figures for the cult-destined Cocaine Bear. It’s not just its title, which sounds awfully Syfy, but also its success in staying true to the aesthetics of natural horror movies and ’80s B. Funko Pop is a great way to capitalize upon the cult popularity of Cocaine bear. Funko has two versions of the cocaine bear: Bear with Leg or Bear with Bag. The latter is an exclusive edition. The

Cocaine bear figures are not made in the traditional Funko style. This is due to the bear being a bear and not a human. Funko is committed to bringing to life IPs that reflect a moment in pop culture. The one with the bag of blow has more feel, but the one with the human leg shows the beast on all fours. We move quickly to bring products our fans when we find these opportunities,” said Funko.

“When we first saw Cocaine bear10’s trailer, we knew it would be a significant moment in pop culture. That is why we immediately reached to our partners at Universal to ask if we could create a collection inspired from the film through our Pop! Mondo and Funko offerings.” The edition of 170 of course sold out and can now be bought on secondary markets for at least triple the price.Cocaine Bear has proven to have an almost immediate cult following who wants in on the joke. Surprisingly, the movie has received positive reviews. It currently sits in the 70s of Rotten Tomatoes. Chris Bumbray gave it 7/10 and said it’s “one hell of a fun time at the movies.” What more can you ask for from a movie called

Cocaine bear10? If the movie is a success at the box-which is possible, it may be a minor success-fans might expect sequels like Cocaine Bear In Outer Space10. What do you think about Funko’s Cocaine Bear10 Pops! Which do you prefer? Which do you prefer? Let us know in the comments section below!

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