CinemaCon 2023: Bad Boys 4, Napoleon Gran Turismo, & more!


Sony Pictures helped kick off CinemaCon 2023 in Las Vegas with a fun presentation that teased many upcoming movies, including Bad Boys 4, Ridley Scott’s Napoleon, the Gran Turismo movie, and more.

During the presentation, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence addressed the crowd via a video the duo filmed for CinemaCon in Miami, where shooting for the movie takes place. Smith looks in top shape in the footage, and the pair says they’re in their fourth week of shooting.

After Bad Boys for Life grossed $426 million worldwide, it was clear that a sequel would soon follow, and not even SlapGate could stop it. Adil El Arbi, Bilall Fallah and Chris Bremmer will direct Bad Boy 4. Bad Boys For Life will see the return of Paola Nunez and Vanessa Hudgens as well as Alexander Ludwig. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence will also be returning for this fourth installment. Eric Dane was announced earlier this month as joining the cast. He was expected to be the villain. Greenstein said that the business is rebounding. It’s important to note that Sony never closed its theatrical windows. The cinemas are back, baby! Sony then previewed its Gamestop film,

Dumb money

. Craig Gillespie, director of Cruella, directs this video game drama with Paul Dano as the lead. Gillespie and Dano took the stage together to show the audience the first five minutes from the upcoming movie. Dano plays a Youtuber who invests his life savings in Gamestop. Dano’s character Keith is known as Roaring Kitty. He encourages others to invest their money in the company and they change the stock market industry. Seth Rogen is also a star, as are Shailene, Woodley, Dane DeHaan and Nick Offerman. D’Onofrio, and Offerman are hedge fund guys. The film is different from David Fincher’s 001010The Social Network. Dumb money is a film with its own vibe. JoBlo’s Chris Bumbray says the movie could have some awards traction and make lots of money. crowd also saw an extended trailer for Insidious: The Red Door

. The story revolves around Dalton (Ty Simpkins), the kid from the original. He is haunted and possessed by "The Further." Chris says that the movie looks "pretty frightening," but they haven't seen much more than what was shown in the trailer last week.

Next for Sony is The machine a film adaptation of Bert Kreischer’s story about how, as a student, he got involved with the Russian mob. The film is a continuation of that story where he must return to Russia. Mark Hamill was a member of the cast, and Kreischer’s introduction was funny since he showed up dressed as Disney’s Ariel. He told the crowd that they should watch his movie instead

The Little Mermaid. The film will premiere in theaters on May 26th.Related

Bad Boys 4 cast includes Ioan Gruffudd during principle photography
Audiences know what to expect when it comes to movies based upon video games. But the upcoming

Gran Turismo player who won a series Nissan-sponsored video games competitions and became a professional race car driver. The short teaser looks impressive. Director Neill Blomkamp puts audiences in the middle high-speed action. David Harbour, Orlando Bloom and Geri Halliwell-Horner star in Gran Turismo. It’s set to hit theaters on August 11th

.For Sony’s Gran Turismo presentation, Harbour and Bloom took the stage. David Harbour is a trainer while Bloom is Nissan’s head of marketing, who uses the program to find racing talents. Harbour joked about the writers’ strikes, saying

“Hello, ChatGPT” and implying that they used the AI to write the film. They did not.From the trailer for Gran Turismo, Chris saw that the movie was

not a video game adaptation. The film is a family drama that can be a hit at the box office and play better than most people think. Neil Blomkamp’s racing scenes look intense and unlike any racing film we’ve ever seen. Chris says the trailer gives the film Top Gun: Maverick vibes, with the studio trying to do for racing what Cruise’s money-printing sequel did for flying.Related

Eric Dane will play the villain in Bad Boys 4.
Jennifer Lawrence takes on the sex-comedy genre in
No Harsh Feelings

.10For Sony’s presentation of No Hard Feelings, Jennifer Lawrence and the film’s director, Gene Stupnitsky took to the stage. Lawrence plays Maddie an Uber driver who is facing bankruptcy. She responds an unusual Craigslist post that asks her to date a gifted but socially clueless teen. No Hard Feelings will debut in theaters on June 23rd

.For Sony’s presentation of No Hard Feelings

, Jennifer Lawrence and the film’s director, Gene Stupnitsky, took the stage. They showed a clip in which Maddie (Lawrence), a girl hired to take the virginity of a geeky child (Andrew Barth Feldman), meets him by adopting a dog. He wanted to set her up with a dog named Milo, a former police dog addicted to cocaine.Bumbray says the movie looks hilarious. Lawrence is a star who can change the perception of her by the public. No Harsh Feelings

may be a big hit. Chris says Percy (Andrew Barth Feldman) subverts expectations. He’s a virgin, a geek, but he doesn’t drool over Lawrence. He’s shocked by her free-spiritedness. He doesn’t want to sleep with her so she has a hard time seducing him. The clip features Lawrence’s character listening to “The Stroke” by Billy Squire, an ace soundtrack selection.For Sony’s Napoleon presentation, Tom Rothman promised the film would get a robust campaign and release before eventually moving to Apple TV+. Rothman said that this movie must be seen on a big screen, and he showed footage to prove it. Rothman claims Scott has never been awarded the Oscar for Best Director, and that this is an attempt to finally win him the award. Rothman claims that he does all of his VFX in-camera because

“he can and others cannot.” It’s crazy Napoleon was ever a streaming film. The soundtrack (by Martin Phipps), shows Napoleon’s army setting up an ambush using decoys, to fool the Russian military into thinking they are on higher ground. The battle sequence, where the Russians are forced onto the ice, and then Napoleon releases the cannons to make them fall into the ice, is impressive.

Joaquin doesn’t go overboard with his accent or manner, and is almost subdued. His presentation in this is very different, even disciplined. Napoleon looks like an epic in every sense, and Scott hasn’t lost a beat. If anyone thought The Last Duel (which was amazing) needed more action and battles, this would satisfy them immensely.

Ridley Scott’s Napoleon will be an “original and personal look at Napoleon’s origins and his swift, ruthless climb to emperor, viewed through the prism of his addictive and often volatile relationship with his wife and one true love, Josephine. The film’s goal is to capture Napoleon’s famous battles, his ambition, and his strategic mind. However, the love story between Napoleon and Josephine is equally important to the origins of the great military leader. Scott said, “You have to serve battles and action with great restraint. You’ve got a lot of sex, too. “Otherwise it gets boring. What is it that makes Napoleon so fascinating? Very simply this: a man who was one of the most powerful men in history, yet is so reliant on a woman.Napoleon

will hit theaters on November 22nd before streaming on Apple TV+.Sydney Sweeney and Glenn Powell star in Will Gluck’s

Anyone But You, a loosely based take on Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing. They pretend to be married for personal reasons when they reunite years after graduation for a destination wedding. They fall in love by pretending to be a couple. The film literally finished in Sydney, Australia. Sydney said that she loved Top Gun Maverick

, but believed Powell was Miles Teller up until the fourth day shooting. The two actors do not get along, in classic rom-com fashion. The footage in the dailies promises plenty of skin for both leads. Dermot Mulroney, Alexandra Shipp and Dermot Mulroney also star in the film.

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