Brendan Fraser is open for joining the DC Universe


After the cancellation of Doom Patrol and the Batgirl movie, Brendan Fraser says that he’s still open to rejoining the DC Universe.

After Warner Bros. scrapped the Batgirl movie and cancelled Doom Patrol, you could forgive Brendan Fraser for wanting to step away from the DC Universe, but the actor doesn’t necessarily want to leave the franchise behind.

When asked about potentially returning to the DC Universe, Brendan Fraser told Variety, “Maybe. Everything depends on the role and what it is about. No matter who produces it, the job isn’t easy. I just finished Doom Patrol, which is also DC property. It’s a very unique cast and concept. I loved Riley Shanahan, who was an actor who wore all of the gear, and I would only do the voice. I could do my job in my longjohns and no one would notice because I was in a recording room, so it was the best job I ever had. Apart from that, I’m open to it.

Brendan Fraser played Ted Carson/Firefly in the Batgirl movie, with the character shown to be a disgruntled veteran who becomes a sociopathic pyromaniac. We never saw Fraser in action, other than a few photos that were leaked from the set. Fraser also said that the movie’s fate would be tragic. Fraser stated that the movie doesn’t foster trust between filmmakers and studios,. “Leslie Grace was amazing. She is a dynamo and a great performer. We shot everything with real excitement. It was a far cry from shooting digital, all-green-screen stuff. They had firetrucks that ran around Glasgow at 3 AM, and flamethrowers. It was a big-budget movie, but one that was just stripped down to the essentials.”In

Doom Patrol, Brendan Fraser played Cliff Steele/Robotman, a former NASCAR driver whose brain was transplanted into a robotic body after a horrific car crash. While Fraser was primarily responsible for the voice of the character, Riley Shanahan wore a suit. However, Fraser did occasionally appear in flesh. Fans still have the final half of the fourth season to enjoy, even though the series was cancelled. Producers were aware of the possibility that the series would be cancelled so they created a satisfying ending that will hopefully bring the characters to their final destination. Fingers crossed.Would you like to see Brendan Fraser return to the DC Universe? Which character would he be a good fit for?

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