Best Aquatic Horror Films


About 70% of the earth is covered by water. We still don’t know all the secrets hidden in the dark depths of the ocean. What creatures could it hide from us? Film fans are drawn to this as they search for movies that will give them a good fright. Imagine what lurks below us, waiting to make themselves known. Hollywood has responded by producing some of the best underwater horror films. What lurks beneath the waves?

A town already divided by the construction of a salmon cannery is now besieged by strange creatures that emerge from the ocean. They seem to rape and kill men. The town comes together to defeat the monsters when they attack the town during its annual Salmon Festival. The special effects for the killings aren’t too bad, but sometimes the goofy humanoid monsters can be a bit cheesy. The story is decent and the acting is good. Overall, it’s a fun movie. A good movie to watch if you have the chance. They send in many probes and submarines to investigate. They accidentally released a large, prehistoric creature that had been trapped. It attacks the base and tries to eat all the crew. The crew must escape the underwater base before the creature begins to pick them off one-by-one. The creature is a lot of fun and is not what you expect. Will it blow your brains out? Most likely not. Will you enjoy watching it? One of Stuart Gordon’s Lovecraft adaptations that is underappreciated. Two couples are sailing a yacht in a violent storm. The boat gets stuck on some rocks and the couple decides to row to a nearby village. The village is mostly deserted but the few remaining people act strangely. Eventually, they learn that the village long ago made a deal with the god Dagon, who turned them into fish monsters.

Stuart Gordon always delivered on his Lovecraft adaptations like


Best Aquatic Horror Films


From Beyond

Best Aquatic Horror Films

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Castle Freak. This one doesn’t disappoint in that regard. This one isn’t as well-known as his other works, but it’s still worth checking out. The creepy atmosphere, and the unsettling townspeople work really well. One of the best underappreciated aquatic horror films.Researchers aboard an underwater drilling facility must find a way to survive after an earthquake devastates the base. They are cut off from the rest and have to navigate through damaged walkways, even going outside in their diving suit. They soon discover that they aren’t alone and that something very dangerous has been awakened by the earthquake. It’s a great anxiety-inducing treat as the crew must squeeze through the tight spaces of the destroyed base, while also trying to figure out what creatures attack them when they venture outside. Great watch.A creature appears from a nearby stream. It attacks anyone in its path, but grabs and carries a young girl. When they discover that she is still alive, her family is saddened. They decide to track down the monster and bring her home. The creature is revealed to be the result of dangerous chemicals being dumped in the sewers causing a bio disaster. This film has a funny aspect: they don’t hide the monster. The monster attacks during the daytime and runs into a large crowd of people. The CGI isn’t very good, but it’s still a fun film with a great creature. It also has an interesting message. The crew finds a safe with some items, including a bottle vodka. One of the crew members drinks the bottle, but becomes sick the next morning. He quickly transforms into a terrifying monster that stalks his crew. The film has great special effects and a great look. The underwater scenes will make you wonder if the cast ever went near water to film. One of the best underwater horror films that nobody talks about. When they hear about a house nearby that is completely submerged, they jump at this opportunity. They quickly discover that the original tenants have never left the building. They try to get out of the house, but they seem to be trapped.What’s better than a horror movie underwater? What about an underwater haunted-house movie? When they enter the house, they discover people still inside. How could they be alive? As the story unfolds, we learn about the family who lived there before the land flooded. A film that is sure to creep you out. Scientists are called in to find out where the ship is from and what giant sphere it has in its cargo hold. The sphere turns out to be sentient and the reality starts to warp as they fight it. The crew is constantly attacked by sea creatures. The viewer goes along with the characters as they try to figure out what’s happening and what’s real. The film will make you question your own sanity. The crew soon discovers that the creature can infect living things with microscopic parasites. These parasites begin to take over each member of the crew. The crew must find a way of disinfecting themselves and escaping from the giant creature’s clutches. The creature design and parasites are interesting. Worth a watch if you like movies like The Thing or

Best Aquatic Horror Films



Best Aquatic Horror Films

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