Ben Affleck’s Batman standalone movie didn’t “jive”.


As Ben Affleck said as Batman: “We can rebuild.” We can do better. We will. We have to.” And while he’ll get his chance to rebuild his interpretation of the character with this June’s

The Flash

, he once had the chance to expand on his own terms, with a standalone Batman movie all set up at Warner Bros. This was, of course thrown down the well. Affleck, who was at SnyderCon last weekend, took part in a Q&A after the screening of Zack Snyder’s Justice League and explained to the audience why he had stepped away. He said that he had a “whole elaborate plan” which would have taken up too much time and I may have forgotten some parts. I’ve always liked the character and told Zack that. I felt that if you have a character like this, and you want to go forward, you better be sure and understand it and be confident.” I felt that if you take on a character such as this and want to move forward, you should be sure, understand it, and be confident. Before this announcement, the studio had already announced that Affleck would be directing and writing the standalone movie. The studio announced that he would be getting the aforementioned standalone movie, with additional directing and screenwriting duties. This was lovely. Really fun.” And while we’re happy his time on set this time around was a less stressful one, Affleck should know that for most people, the real Bat-draw will always be Michael Keaton…

Would you have liked to see a solo Ben Affleck Batman movie? Do you think Affleck would be able pull it off? Let us know below!

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