Beast of Bower Boulevard – Willy’s Wonderland’s writer launches a new comic about a rampaging robotic dinosaur



Willy’s Wonderland writer G.O. Parsons wrote Beast of Bower Boulevard, a comic about a rampaging robot dinosaur built by the military.

G.O. Parsons, who wrote the Nicolas Cage horror comedy Willy’s Wonderland is back to his old tricks. Parsons is giving automated animals a second chance with the Beasts of Bower Boulevard digital comic, which debuts this week. The Beasts of Bower Boulevard was funded initially on Kickstarter. It takes place in a ski town where a sheriff’s deputy and his wife investigate when things become quiet. Once they reach their destination, they discover the urban area is under attack by a robot dinosaur built by the military!

Beast of Bower Boulevard gives off ’70s and ’80s vibes with a splash of absurdity. Parsons is excited that the Beast of Bower Boulevard will be a comic book, but he’s not ruling out a live-action adaptation if a studio shows interest. While Parsons is thrilled about the Beast of Bower Boulevard stomping onto the comic book page, he’s not ruling out a live-action adaptation if a studio shows interest.“We wanted it to kind of look like if you found this thing, 40 years ago,” Parsons told

The Hollywood Reporter.In Willy’s Wonderland

, Nicolas Cage stars as a quiet drifter who is tricked into taking a janitorial job at the now-condemned Willy’s Wonderland, but his mundane task suddenly becomes an all-out-fight for survival against wave after wave of demonic animatronics.Previously while speaking with Entertainment Weekly

, director Kevin Lewis said that Willy’s Wonderland is “a fun, wacky, crazy rollercoaster ride movie. Willy’s Wonderland feels like a throwback to the 1980s. I grew up watching Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead, and other fun horror and action films from the ’80s. This was made – and I mean this – by a fanboy, for all the fans and –girls. Jeremy Davis, a producer friend of mine who brought me the project and we both fell for it. We worked on it. We got Nic involved. He fell in love with it and saw our vision. Nic has been a great partner in this film. It’s classic Nic. He brings so much to the movie. I think people will really dig it.” Lewis also added that the film was shot in Atlanta at the beginning of 2020, and they were able wrap up just weeks before COVID-19 put a halt to many major film projects. Lewis teased “if the movie Gods decide it, there are many more adventure for Willy and the gang.”While he is the star of the film, Cage doesn’t battle the forces of animatronic bad alone. Terayle Hills, Beth Grants, Caylee cowan, Chris Schmidt Jr. Emily Tosta Grant Cramer Jonathan Mercedes Ric Reitz David Sheftell Christian Delgrosso Chris Warner and Taylor Towery are among the many others who join him in Willy’s Wonderland


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