Ari Aster on the mixed reactions to Beau is Afraid


Ari Aster, the writer/director of

Beau is Afraid, reflects on the mixed reactions to the film. Some hailed it as a masterwork and others… not. Some people praised the film while others were not sure what they just watched. While speaking with Empire, Ari Aster reflected on the audience’s reaction to

Beau Is Afraid, adding that he believes it’s a film that benefits from a second (or third) watch.I do hope people return to it,” Ari Aster said. “

I think it’s a film you should revisit. I don’t believe you really know what it is until after you’ve seen the whole thing. I imagine that a second viewing will be richer than the first. It’s meant to be wrestled. The film is designed to shapeshift a lot. The film is designed to kind of shapeshift a lot.Related

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Aster is proud of Beau is Afraid

“, he said. “So, I’m glad to be on this side. I’d say it’s my most proudest film. I think it’s my best filmmaking. I love the movie, and I hope that people will continue to find it.The film stars Joaquin Phoenix in the role of a mild-mannered man who is anxiously driven to face his darkest fears after the death his mother.The film gave Chris Bumbray much to think about. “If the movie is so well cast and brilliantly made, why isn’t it a masterpiece?” Bumbray wrote. “Aster’s David Lynch movie is here and while it chugs nicely for an hour or two, the final act is deadly. It starts to drag on, but I think Aster is doing this to make sure you don’t like the ending. It’s hard to review, as it’s such a full meal that, even a week after seeing it, I’m still baffled by it. It isn’t easy to review, as it’s such a full meal that, even a week after seeing it, I’m still utterly baffled by it.

” Bumbray ended his review by saying, “I reserve the right to come back to this review and adjust it to a 10 or a zero in the years to come.Has your opinion on Beau Is Afraid changed since the first viewing?

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