“Am Rande”: Interaction within the circus world


“Am Rande”: Interaction within the circus world

The second illustrated book from the collection of Heinz Neumärker has been released.

COLOGNE, GERMANY, October 27, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Heinz Neumärker consistently captured the vibrant and exotic world of the circus – its wagons and tents, acrobats, clowns, tamers, and wild animals -– and juxtaposed it with the emerging middle-class society post-war. This sentiment was echoed by MONOPOL-ONLINE magazine in its review of Neumärker’s first posthumous release. Titled “Ohne Vorstellung,” the book of photographs was published in spring 2023 by his son, a trained art historian, six years after Neumärker’s passing.

For over half a century, from the 1950s to the late 2000s, Heinz Neumärker (1935-2017) chronicled the circus, predominantly in the Rhineland. He pursued this passion mainly during weekends while holding an executive position at a major Leverkusen corporation, journeying across the country in the footsteps of various circuses.

“Upon revisiting the photos, some stood out that I previously overlooked because they didn’t align with the narrative of the first book,” the editor remarks in the introduction of the new release. While the inaugural publication narrated a journey from the circus’s setup to the audience’s arrival, this new volume lacks that distinct narrative arc. “Beyond the overarching theme of the circus, a clear thematic connection wasn’t evident,” notes Carsten Neumärker. “However, a conceptual or compositional tie seemed to be present, albeit subtly or ‘on the edge’.”

Despite this, certain themes emerge, such as construction, buildings, and transportation, as well as the design of tents and sets. These photographs, like in the initial book, showcase diverse circus companies operating in various places across different decades. A unique aspect of Neumärker’s work, which contrasts with the style of Magnum photographers, is evident in this edition as well: he doesn’t just capture isolated moments but emphasizes the interplay between visitors, circus professionals, and animals, it seems like streetphotography on the circus square. The magazine SCHWARZWEISS summarized this sentiment following the previous publication: “Neumärker’s strength lies in his ability to craft graphic compositions that often delight with parallels between architectural designs and the movement of humans or animals… It’s not just a revelation about the circus, but also about the self-taught photographer Heinz Neumärker.” A whimsical note: one photograph features a banner outside a circus tent, snapped in Bonn in 1976, quoting Goethe. It humorously suggests that if Goethe had sketched his darling’s pug and it looked strikingly alike, he’d have two pugs, but still no work of art.

Heinz Neumärker’s “Am Rande – Circusfotografien von 1954 bis 1980,” edited by Carsten Neumärker, is a 168-page monochrome book. Measuring 31x31cm, this hardcover edition features thread stitching, a linen finish, and 85 illustrations printed digitally on Arctic Volume 150gr. Weighing nearly two kilograms, it’s available for pre-order until 14.12.2023 at a special price of €78.00 (€98.00 thereafter). To order, contact the publisher at [email protected]. The official release is proberbly 15.12.2023.

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