Although Julian Sands remains missing, authorities continue to search for him in hopes of bringing closure to his family.


Julian Sands is still missing on California’s Mount Baldy, but the search continues as authorities hope to bring his family closure.

It’s been over a month since it was first reported that Warlock star Julian Sands had gone missing while hiking up Mount Baldy in Southern California, and sadly, the actor still hasn’t been found. The search for Julian Sands continues, but the authorities have said that “the outcome may not be what we would like.

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department issued a statement on their search for Julian Sands. “On Saturday February 18, 2023, more than 20 members of Fontana Sheriff’s Station and West Valley Search and Rescue conducted a ground search on the Mt. “” was the spokesperson for the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department. “” The crew focused on the area where the California Highway Patrol RECCO device spotted a possible electronic device on January 25, 2010. Unfortunately, nothing was found that would lead to the discovery of Mr. Sands.” However, an approaching storm means that “ground searches for Mr. Sands will be delayed for some time.” The statement added, “Our goal is to bring closure to the family of Mr. Sands and when we can, we will try this again.

John Malkovich, a close friend of Julian Sands, spoke to the media about Sands’ disappearance from the Berlin International Film Festival. Malkovich stated that he was a godfather to Sands’ first son, who he had from Sarah’s first marriage. “I introduced them to his second wife and we have been close ever since 1983 when we met on the set The Killing Fields. It’s a sad event.” Sands and Malkovich starred together in Seneca-On the Creation of Earthquakes. The film stars Malkovich as “influential Roman philosopher Seneca and his deadly fall from grace with mentee and benefactor Emperor Nero, who falsely accuses him of being involved in an assassination plot.” It’s set to be released in theaters on March 23rd.While it seems unlikely that the search for Julian Sands will have the positive outcome we all wished for, I hope he’s able to be found and reunited with his family.

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