Alan Ruck wanted Connor to be killed off in Succession


This bugged Alan Ruck, who was sorta-star of


quite a bit. He wanted to have Connor killed off. This evidently bugged Succession sorta-star Alan Ruck quite a bit, as he wanted to have Connor killed off.

Speaking with The Daily Beast, Alan Ruck admitted he wasn’t entirely sure what Connor’s role was on Succession for a long time, even going to creator Jesse Armstrong to have his character knocked off in the second season. “For three episodes, i didn’t do much. I wrote to Jesse, [director] Mark Mylod, and asked, “What do you think of killing me off?” I was grateful that they replied, “No, no. No, no. No, no. We need you. There was a lot to tell so I got my head out of the s**t a bit. I’m thrilled that they didn’t take me up on my offer.” And I’m thrilled that they didn’t take me up on my offer.” Brian Cox had adjacent thoughts, saying he felt his character was killed off too early.

As far as why Alan Ruck would go to the extremes of removing himself from Succession, which had just come off an Emmy nod for Outstanding Drama Series (and would win for seasons two and three), it comes down to ego. “It’s vanity. We had made a big splash at the end of our first season. It started off slowly, but then took off like rocket. But people are asking, “Who do you play?’…So it was just my vanity of wanting to do more in an excellent, excellent show.” It was my vanity to want to do more on an excellent, excellent series. Without going into spoilers, various characters were forced to come to terms with where they are as individuals and adults-if they can handle being one.

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Succession would have been impacted much if Alan Ruck got his way in killing off Connor Roy? Did you like Connor’s character? Let us know below!

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