According to David Ayer, James Gunn said that the Ayer cut of Suicide Squad would be “shared” by both parties.


David Ayer explains in greater detail about his feelings on the Suicide Squad experience and what Gunn had told him.

Piggy-backing onto a short exchange happening yesterday on Twitter, where Suicide Squad writer and director, David Ayer, debunked a reported rumor that his proposed Ayer Cut of the 2016 film was being planned for release by James Gunn before the start of his new DCU next year that will be jump-started by his Superman: Legacy film. A Twitter account called “The Ayer Cut”, citing articles reporting on the rumor, reached out to Gunn. Ayer responded quickly with the response: Silly Rumor. Not true.” Followed by a facepalm emoticon. Now, David Ayer is expounding on what he and Gunn have discussed about what the future can hold for the Ayer Cut, according to Deadline.

Ayer would post on his social media to address his followers and the DC fandom after as the legion campaigning for the release of the Ayer Cut were in need of a status update and clarification. The Nerdrage Podcast responded to an apparent new Jared Leto Joker image with the tweet “Not to call David out by saying this, you do know that this was released back to 2016 right?” along with a slightly less quality version of the photo. Ayer would reply, “What’s your advice for how to navigate through this situation with grace?” Many people are genuinely curious and interested. I know there are people who enjoy mocking the movie. Your comment is an example of how people are drawn to the 2016 movie in a negative manner. Have you ever experienced something in your life that did not go as planned, that dragged, that made you reconsider everything? I have.”

Ayer adds, “All I know is my unseen film plays much better than the studio release. The interest in showing my cut[n] is real and organic. Gunn said it was time to share it [sic]. He deserves to launch DC universe without any drama. In a sense, I’m tied to this thing. Life is a very strange journey.” Life is a very strange journey.”

Deadline reminds readers that back in 2020, Ayer would bluntly say that his film was “ripped to pieces” when responding to a tweet that said over 40 minutes where cut out.

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